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Japanese Journal of Monetary and Financial Economics

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Vol.7 No.1 (December 2019)

Are Insurers Susceptible to Systemic Liquidity Risk or do They Contribute to it?
Sanae Ohno

Vol.6 No.1(May 2018)

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Diversifying reference currency basket and decreasing degree of flexibility in exchange policy of China
Pengfei Luo

Vol.5 No.1(December 2017)

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The exchange rate return co-movements between Renminbi and other East Asian currencies under DCC-GARCH
Zhou Xuezhi
The productivity of industrial firms and financial efficiency in China
Yajing Liu

Vol.4 No.1(February 2016)

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Re-evaluating Japan’s Quantitative Easing Policy (2001–2006): An Application of the TVP-VAR Model.
Hiroyuki Ijiri
International Portfolio Flows in the Post-Global Financial Crisis Period
Satoru Ogasawara and Kentaro Iwatsubo

Vol.3 No.1(February 2015)

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Transmission of euro area shocks to Central and Eastern European countries: Implications for monetary autonomy problem and business cycles synchronization
Agata Wierzbowska
Analysis of the Stationarity of East Asian Currencies Using Unit Root Test and Cointegration Test
Zhiqian Wang

Vol.2 No.2(August 2014)

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The liquidity effect and tightening effect of the zero lower bound
Kohei Hasui
Currency Substitution and Monetary Policy under the Incomplete Financial Market
Masao Kumamoto and Hisao Kumamoto

Vol.2 No.1(February 2014)

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Invited articles
Searching for the Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy: The Case of the Bank of Japan
Yosuke Takeda and Yasuhide Yajima
Optimal Risk Sharing in the Presence of Moral Hazard under Market Risk and Jump Risk
Takashi Misumi, Hisashi Nakamura, and Koichiro Takaoka

Vol.1 No.1(August 2013)

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Inaugural introduction
Naoyuki Yoshino
Invited articles
An Injection of Base Money at Zero Interest Raates: Empirical Evidence from the Japanese Experience 2001-2006
Yuzo Honda,Yoshihiro Kuroki,and Minoru Tachibana
Coping with Capital Inflow Surges: Reviewing the IMF’s New ‘Institutional View’
Akira Ariyoshi
Are Chinese Stock Investors Watching Tokyo?
International Linkage of Stock Prices Using Intraday High-Frequency Data
Yoshiro Tsutsui and Kenjiro Hirayama
Japanese Banking Regulations and SME Finance under the Global Financial Crisis
Nobuyoshi Yamori,Kazumine Kondo,Kei Tomimura,Yuko Shindo,and Kenya Takaku
Required Return on Investment and Its Financing
Yukitami Tsuji